Info: About Cameron Ponce

American Entrepreneur, Trader, and CEO.


Cameron Ponce (born January 23rd, 1998) is an American entrepreneur, investor, poet and aspiring economist. He is a citizen of the United States. He associates with Christianity, although born into a Catholic family. He is the founder, current owner and CEO of Cam-Arts‘.

Born in Sacramento California, Ponce has lived in several of the 50 states including California where he worked at Velocity Island Park (a wakeboard park located in Woodland California), Montana, and Indiana where he attended college at Ball State University and University of Southern Indiana.


In 2016, Ponce founded Cam-Arts, a rare toys and collectibles retail business, of which he is the owner and CEO. He shortly after got Cam-Arts its first distribution deal with EE Distribution, which is still their main distribution channel today. They later partnered with Ultra Tokyo Connection, a second distribution channel located in Japan. Their business partnership dissolved due to Cam-Arts lacking the funds to keep up with their expected monthly order quantity at the time. They have since rekindled business relations on a contingency basis. In 2019, Cam-Arts hired its first employee, Steven I. Wilson, and appointed him CFO.

In 2018, Ponce taught himself how to code in Python, a computer programming language, after taking his first Computer Science course at Ball State University. He went on to use this knowledge to write his first investing algorithm, which helped him to have great success in the crypto market. Around this time Ponce also wrote and published The Prudence of Cryptocurrency, his first economic article.


Ponce can be found on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Linkedin. He has an obvious and very public obsession with Chick-fil-A, which he boasts he eats on average 6/7 days a week since early 2016, and posts regularly about it on Twitter and Snapchat. He is also a large public advocate of Buffalo Wild Wings , also known as Bdubs. He regularly takes public stances and offers his opinions directly to the source, tagging companies in his posts on social media which often generates a response (‘): (Instagram, Jimmy Johns , Chick-fil-A , Twitter, Ball State University).


In 2017, Ponce began working on a fictional philosophy novel titled, ‘The Study’ , which he plans to complete later in life when he has more experience, life skills, funds and time to dedicate (although he actively contributes to the project).

Ponce has dabbled in poetry since he learned of the concept at Kalispell Montessori Elementary School in Montana, and has since established a poetry website with his own writings called Ponce’s Poetry (also available as audio on Spotify and Anchor). He further studied it at John H. Castle High School in AP English. Ponce took a keen liking to Eminem’s Slim Shady persona, and in 2019 (several years after meeting rapper and producer Feopapi ) he began to record and produce his first rap album (which he began writing earlier in 2017), ‘Mark I’ , under the name A$E. He has since released private links to a SoundCloud playlist that contains the rough versions of 7 songs intended for ‘Mark I’. He intends to release the full album on all platforms by January 1st, 2022.

Although Ponce is pursuing multiple career paths such as writing, programming, and rapping, he considers himself an economist and entrepreneur at heart. He has plans to one day truly explore the depths of the ocean, space, and hopefully other planets.

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