Cameron Ponce’s Market Predictions

Cameron Ponce is an aspiring economist, and as so has publicly made several harshly accurate market predictions pertaining to Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market using an algorithm he coded himself.

On March 18, 2019, Ponce posted on Twitter that he predicted the end of the Bitcoin crash back in December 2019, buying back into the cryptocurrency market the following day.

Later that year, Ponce released an essay/article about the importance of cryptocurrency, titling it “The Prudence of Cryptocurrency”.

He noted in a tweet on May 14, 2019 that his market bottom prediction from March was just two weeks prior to the next crypto bull run, taking Bitcoin’s price from $3970.50 to over $12,500in June, 2019.

On November 9th, Ponce noticed and noted a break out in a bull pattern signaling a much higher run to the new peak price of Bitcoin. On November 16th, 12:03 pm (Eastern Standard Time), Ponce notes that the “alt season” has begun. This indicates that Bitcoin is in a short term, strong, bull run. Along with Bitcoin, alternative cryptocurrencies begin to trade up above intrinsic value due to the volume of trading during the swing.

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